Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finished Toddler Jacket And Pants Remnants

Well, I have been posting about this jacket the whole week. 

I wanted to spread it out, so the post wasn't so long.  So, today I am going to show you what was left of the jacket.  It is amazing that I had enough fabric for the jacket and that I didn't have to piece some parts of the jacket.

This is all that is left of the pants.  They are now sitting in the garbage can.  I thought it would be fun to show you the scraps though.  It was a bit tricky making sure I had enough fabric for each piece.  I had to be careful about where I cut each piece from.  Here are some more pictures of the finished jacket:

I like the characteristic marks that the pants left, such as the pocket imprint on the sleeves.  If you missed the first two posts about this jacket, make sure to check out how I made the pattern and how I finished the pockets.

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Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday - I just featured you on my facebook page!

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