Monday, February 27, 2012

Toddler Jacket...from Pants!

 This is a jacket I made for Isaac.  I made it using a pair of corduroy pants.  Yep, pants.  After Christmas, I started going through all of my craft things and wanted to get rid of some things because things would fall on my when I opened the craft closet.  Yep, it was THAT bad.  Ha ha.  I pulled out this pair of pants:

 They are size 7 boys corduroy pants (from Old Navy).  They still had the tag on them.  I actually got them from my mom's "going-to-the-thrift-store" pile.  They were some that my brother didn't like.  I snatched them up, planning on saving them until they could fit Isaac.   But, not wanting to have a bunch of items waiting around in my craft closet, I decided to make a little jacket out of them.  I bought some flannel fabric at Joann's and some thread (and used a coupon for both).  All I spent on this jacket was $7.

I used this jacket to make a pattern.

I used some scrapbook paper to create a pattern for the jacket.  After cutting the pieces out, I had arms, front and back.  I cut out the collar later using a button-up shirt for the pattern.

Come back Wednesday and I will show you how I made the pockets, and what I used to make them!  Then, on Thursday, I will show you some more pictures of the finished jacket as well as the leftover pants - there is not much left over!

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Renee Living Laughing Loving said...

Um, wow. Someday I wanna grow up and be able to sew like you, pretty please?! That is amazing!!

Carla said...

Great job! I love cord for kids!

folkhaven said...

This is an amazing jacket... and from a pair of kids pants no less! I look forward to seeing the follow up posts. I'm going to subscribe right after leaving this comment.

Leah Koenig said...

I cannot believe that jacket used to be a pair of pants! Incredible! Thanks for sharing!
Found you on Gingersnap crafts
Visiting from Well Rounded,

Hanni said...

Wow, I loved your project. These jackets are super cool for a baby boy :)

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