Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Toddler Jacket Pocket Tutorial

Remember my Corduroy Jacket Post from yesterday?  Well, as I was figuring out how to share about it, I decided to split the project into three days, so it wasn't such a long post.  Today, I am going to show you how I made the pockets.

I cut out the pants pockets and drew a line where I wanted to cut them off.  I also stitched down the far side to make the pocket smaller.

Then I cut strips 1" thick to make a nice border for the pockets.  It was a little tricky finding scraps that were  all on the same grain, because I was literally working with scraps here.  You will see what I mean when I post the remnants of the pants tomorrow.

I ironed down each side 1/4" to finish the edges.

After cutting slits in the fabric where I wanted the pockets, I machine-stitched the pocket in as best I could, and then hand-stitched the pocket liner on the side closest to the pocket so I didn't sew the pocket shut.

Then, I pinned the pocket out of the way and machine-stitched the other side.

After completing the top and bottom liner, I sewed a smaller piece to the sides.  I repeated a similar process to finish the edges.  I was able to machine-stitch this whole piece on.  I made sure to pin the pocket out of the way.

And here is the finished pocket!  Update: Check out the post about the finished jacket here.

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Tonia L said...

Great pocket! I need to do some more sewing soon!!

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