Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pig Rug {Oink, Oink}

I decided to use some inspiration I found on Pinterest...
Cute rug, huh?!  You should head over to Happy Lizard Hill and read the story - it's pretty funny!  Well, my aunt collects pigs and her birthday was coming up, so I decided to give it a try.
I bought about 5 t-shirts and made yarn out of them (I googled how to do it), and then I found a doily pattern and started crocheting.  I didn't make the whole doily, but just kept going till it was the size I wanted.  I made a huge doily and then the ears and a snout, and of course it had to have googly eyes!
The whole thing was ripply after I got done and I was a little worried, but I ironed it and it worked perfect! I used a squirt bottle to dampen and then ironed and it got pretty flat and stayed that way.  I love the way it turned out...oink, oink!


Liza said...

That is so cute! I would never in a million anything have guessed a pig rug would be inspired by mine. Thanks so much for linking up and recommending my blog to your followers. Take Care!

Jill said...

I of course love this rug and was so excited to receive it. You rock you crafty girl you.

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