Monday, August 15, 2011

Starburst Bracelet {Tutorial}

My family went camping this past weekend.  One of our favorite things to do is roast Starbursts.  (If you never have, you do it the same way you would roast a marshmallow.  It is so yummy!)  Anyway, I decided to make a bracelet with some of the wrappers.

All you need are an even number of Starburst wrappers.  I used 20 for this little one.  It is on my son's wrist...thankfully he's not too old to model girl colors for me.  He is such a good sport!

I used wrappers from the "Fav Reds" package.  These are so was our first time trying them.

 Flatten out the wrapper.

 Fold the wrapper in half.

 Open up the wrapper and fold each side to the center.

 Then fold each side to the center again.

 Fold that piece in half (again).

 Then fold that in half (short way).

 Then fold each end to the center.

Repeat. Many times.

 Here is a picture of how each side of the finished piece will look like.  This will be important when you put them together.  (I will call the left picture "backside" and the right picture "frontside").

 To make things easier, you will always want to face the frontside down, or facing toward the larger part of the bracelet.  This will make it easier to fit the next piece through.

Here is what the first attachment looks like.

 This picture might better illustrate the above mentioned easier method.  See how the frontside is facing down towards the rest of the bracelet?

Here are several connected pieces.


 Once your bracelet gets long enough, you need to attach the end pieces.  Take one of your pieces and unfold it to look like the above picture.

 Insert the piece up between the openings in the last piece and up through the center of the first piece.

 Then fold each side around the outside of the first piece.

Tuck both ends into the bottom piece.  In the above picture, look at the darker red piece that says "Punc." It is being tucked into the lighter pink piece.  (It is easiest to put on the bracelet if you fasten the ends while it is around your wrist.  If you don't have someone to help you, you could attach snaps to the ends or velcro, which would make this super easy!  It is actually something I would suggest.)

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Little Treasures said...

Great recycling project Stephanie!
P.S. Thank you for dropping by!

Georgina xxx said...

Ooooh I love this!

Jacque said...

This is such a cute idea!!!! I'll have to try it out myself!
Thanks for sharing on "Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop".

From this week's party co-host:

Jacque @ Jacque's Soda Parlor

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Wow! That takes quite the attention to detail! Very fun project. ;)

(We roast Starbursts when we camp too!)

Ricochet said...

I love this and am going to try roasting starbursts next time we camp! Pink is my favorite color to eat! I've been trying to weave magazines into little purses and such with varying success....
Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
Your newest follower,
Rikka J.
Ricochet and Away!

Joyful Baker said...

I totally used to do this when I was little! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Kirsten @ Mushki Loves said...

This is so cute! I always wondered, how these were made!

Ashley said...

thanks for sharing...looks so fun:)

lovecrafts said...

Creative ideas for kids. thanks

The Pennington Point said...

How cute! I've never heard of roasting Starbursts. Do they expand and get all soft? Lisa~

P.S. I use my 4 year old to model little girl aprons. I just cut his head off in the photos. LOL!

Lovely Light said...

Hi there- found you through the hop and am a new follower. I can't find Starburst where I live and I was wondering if I cut pieces of paper to size to make he same kind of chain....I hope you have time to follow my life in South Africa by

I hope you have a great week!

Sandy Ang said...

This is so, so clever. Just love the idea of recycling sweet wrappers !

Q @ JAQS said...

Oh the memories :) - I remember making a TON of those as a kid. They are so fun and colorful. Thanks for the memories.

I'm hosting a fabric giveaway this week over at my blog - stop by when you get a chance:

The Sims II said...

what a great kids craft...easy and cheap. love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! We will have to try the roasting of the starburst at our next campfire (and then of course, making the bracelets!)

Michelle said...

I remember making these as a kid. i loved them. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

The Outlaw Mom said...

My mouth started watering at the thought of a roasted Starburst! Never knew you could do that!! I love the bracelet - something I totally would have done myself as a kid. Thanks for sharing :-)

PJ said...

wow. so cute and i now would love to enjoy some starbursts.. yum

WhyCuzICan said...

Forwarding on your site link to my daughter who is away in collage now. If she still eats Starburst like she did when she was younger- I'm sure she'll have a HUGE supply of wrappers laying around her dorm room this year.

Thanks for sharing :)

Visiting from Ladybird Ln- Weekend Show Off Party,
~Suzanne in Illinois

Kim from Maiden D'Shade said...

My daughter loves starbursts and loves them roasted, too! I know she would love to do this! Great tutorial!

~Iffy~ @ StayAtHomeNation said...

Now I have an excuse to eat Starbursts..a whole bag lol. You are My Stay At Home Nation Spotlight this week! Thanks for linking this up & I can't wait to see what you share this week at My favorite Things Friday Link Party! Anything Goes this week so be sure to stop by!

lovecrafts said...

Great tutorial. i love it very much, thanks for sharing

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