Friday, July 15, 2011

High Chair Cushion Recover {Tutorial}

This past week I have been busy working on making a new cushion for our high chair.  The one we had was really worn out and ripped.  Here is a picture of the before and after:

Materials used:
1 twin-sized flat sheet
1 yd. clear vinyl
1 crib-sized batting
Elastic (1/4")

 First, I traced the old cushion onto the sheet using a pen.  I just made small dotted lines, so I could make it larger for a 1/4" seam allowance.

I cut out the fabric and taped it to my vinyl piece, which made it a lot easier to cut, and by not using pins, there were no unnecessary holes.  I cut two pieces.  This seat also has a piece in the back to keep it on the chair.  I used this piece as a pattern and cut two pieces of vinyl out (sorry I have no pictures of this).  (*Note: If I do this again, I won't cut out vinyl until the end, or maybe not at all, because I ended up trimming it anyway).

I also cut two layers of batting out using the pattern.

Here is a lovely picture of the batting cut out.

I matched up the two pieces of fabric to the batting and sewed them together (so I had two pieces with fabric and batting).  I sewed them with a long stitch around the outside, so I could pull it out easier later, which really isn't necessary I found.

Next, I pinned the two layers together.  My original plan was to sew right sides together, but then I decided to bind the outer edge.  After sewing around the outside 1/4", I trimmed off the excess batting.

I decided I wanted to sew diagonal lines, both ways to make diamond shapes, to hold the layers together.  To do this, I cut out a strip of cardstock, about 4" wide and placed in on at an angle and traced both sides with a pencil.  Then I used the paper to extend those lines and also draw on the other ones.

If you get out your magnifying glass and squint really hard, you might be able to see the lines above. 

I sewed on the pencil lines.  I decided to use red thread to add some fun color.  I had to pull the fabric tight, and also pin it down, so it didn't bubble on the back.  (I learned that the hard way...oh joy! to picking out stitches.)

To do the binding, I ripped out strips of fabric (1 3/4" wide) and ironed one side in 1/2".  Then I lined up the other edge (non-ironed), right sides together around the cushion.  I sewed it 1/4" from the edge.  Then I pinned the piece over to the other side.  I used a whole bunch of pins around the corners.  It made it lots easier and I didn't have bubbling.

After sewing on the binding, I sewed on the vinyl.  This was the most tricky and annoying part.
I secured the vinyl down by sewing a strip across where the back seat and back rest piece bend.  Then I sewed as close to the cushion as I could around the edges.  At this point, I sewed on the back vinyl piece also. Then I trimmed off the excess vinyl around the edges.

I sewed a very large button hole where the seat belt comes out. I used the old cushion to draw a pattern right onto the vinyl with a pen. Ha ha...My little guy loves doing up seat belts, and calls everything that clasps a seat belt.  My favorite is him calling his uncle's snaps on his snap-up shirt a seat belt. :)

I cut out the fabric and vinyl the best I could from the center of the button hole.

On my high chair, there are hooks on the bottom that hold on the cushion, so I attached a couple pieces of elastic.  This was lots of fun and quite frustrating at times also.  Oh well, it is done, and I am happy.  I really like figuring out my own patterns for things.  I don't like to follow the directions unless I absolutely have to.

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Ashley said...

this is a great idea!!! i just got ty a high chair the other day(well my sweet sister is letting us borrow it) this is awesome:)

Stephanie said...

This is a great idea and tutorial! We "upgraded" our high chair with baby #4 (now on to baby #5) to a "new to us" consigned wooden high chair because our old plastic cover was nasty! I then consigned it's cloth seat cover because I was never going to use it. I find washing the wood off is much easier. I am posting your link on facebook for all my crafty friends though because this is great for those who like to sew and repurpose things! Found you from Show and Tell Fridays.

Jamie said...

Bravo! That looks GREAT and really hard to do! ( I can't sew) Thank you for linking up this week...I hope to see you again next Saturday!


BluBabesCreate said...

Gorgeous job! and what a cheerful color!

Just Jaime said...

Great job! Love the new color!

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