Thursday, December 12, 2013

Minion Costume

This past year, Isaac has loved watching Despicable Me and we decided it would be perfect that he be a minion for Halloween.  (By the time Halloween rolled around, we wished I had made the purple minion.  He is wanting to be more and more independent and do what he wants.  Ha ha!) 

My original idea was to buy a pair of overalls and a yellow shirt and call it good. My husband came up with the idea of making it big and poofy.  I loved the idea and made it up as I went.  It took a while to make, but I am so happy with the end result, and Isaac loves it too!  His little sister also likes it!

This is his minion face.  It cracks me up.   Boys are so funny!  

The costume is made of felt, and old pair of jeans, and some buttons.  So, it is pretty simple and very affordable.  I spent around $15 for everything.  Here are a couple more shots of my cute little silly minion!  

I first thought that it would be easier to get Isaac into the back, so I made an opening with buttons, but it turned out to be easiest to slip it on.  (The original plan was to sew leg holes, but it was easier to keep the bottom open.)  If I made it again, I would not make an opening in the back, and have it as a slip-on.


Minion Halloween Costumes said...
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Minion Halloween Costumes said...

This is a fantastic DIY minion costume! Love how Issac's face pops out!

samia hussain said...

nice post

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