Monday, January 23, 2012

Wedding Reception {Part 2} The Cake

As my sister was making wedding plans, she decided she wanted a cupcake cake, and we found this one on pinterest.  Her colors were silver and teal, so this was absolutely perfect!  She wanted me to make the cake for her...the pressure was on (for me)!

winter wedding cupcakes
This was my second time ever making a fondant cake, so I really have zero experience.  All I know was learned from watching Cake Boss, so yeah, keep that in mind. :)  Overall, I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

 We (my mom, sisters, and I) make these cute covers out of silver doilies we got at the dollar store (yay for the dollar store!)

 I made the top cake out of rice krispie treats in a spring form pan.  I greased the pan with a bunch of shortening before putting the rice krispie treats in.  I squished them down pretty tight so they edges would be more smooth.  I "glued" on the fondant with frosting.  I ended up putting on two layers of fondant because the first was bumpy because of the rice krispies (looking back, I think more frosting would have solved this problem.)

I used Our Best Bites Whipped Buttercream (from their cookbook) recipe for the frosting.  I love it because it isn't too sugary and the texture is amazing.  It does say in the recipe to store it at room temperature, but I figured it would be fine in the fridge overnight...well, I was wrong.  Check out the cupcakes above, the frosting is a little weird looking, and it started running down some of the cupcakes.  My mom and I were laughing about it though, because we were both just happy the second reception was almost is a lot of work!


Creative Raisins said...

They look so yummy. Good Job

Linda said...

The cake is lovely....and it is a lot of work. I made a 3 tier cake for our 2 grandsons b-day back in Sept. of last year, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Sandy Ang said...

what a fabulous creation !

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