Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Baskets

Sage and I have been married 3 1/2 years, Isaac is 21 months, and I just finished our Easter baskets!  It's about time.  I was looking around on blogs for inspiration. I came across this one at Disdressed, and I loved it!
I cut the outside fabric and lining into the following sizes: 1-8x8, 4-5x8, 2-1x12, and the bunny ear shape.

 Then, I cut out interfacing to fit each of the outside pieces (except for the 1x12 size) and ironed them on.
 I also cut out batting and sewed it to the sides and bottom.
 I sewed all the sides together.
 Please ignore the gross ironing board cover...:).  Here are the ears.  I folded them over to add some dimension.
 Here's the almost-finished basket.
 To make the tail, I wrapped yarn around one of Isaac's blocks.  I wrapped it around 200 times and then tied a string around the loops.  I cut the loops in half and trimmed them all to one size.

1 comment:

Adventure Awaits! said...

So creative! I wish i would have seen this one earlier and I would have got some for my "little" friends here in Washington :)

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